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Version 1.1 by Khao Mortadios

Megaman x My Little Pony crossover. Very well done, contains many elements of classic Megaman, and combines them really well with ideas from MLP:FiM. For example, he shoots Megabuster shots from his horn, collects weapons based on important aspects of the mane 6, and changes appearance to look like such, and there are enemies such as Wonderbolts, Timberwolves, and Manticores, alongside Megaman enemies such as Mettaurs. It also has an infinite lives option, a save feature, and allows you to keep your progress in the fortress. Last but not least, if you beat the game, you unlock the ability to play as the bosses.



by Saito Games/JJSoft


Precure All Stars RPG


Air Control - No Junk ads/etc included