Lovely Warriors of Friendship


All I ask of you... is to have a loving heart.



All children are brave by default, until we start instilling fear in them.
Instilling fear in people is absolutely unacceptable!
The effects of this must be undone!
Many people have had their dreams taken away. 
I, the lovely warrior of friendship, shall unlock them!
The world is overrun with Terribads and Selfishes, and the internet is controlled by Moebius.
God is in pain...
The world must be undiscorded!
We must teach everyone true strength, beauty, and kindness... the code of princess!
I hope you're prepared!



The unwritten rules of LWF:

1. The player's character is always reformed and/or is good, regardless of who they are or what attacks they use.

2. Nothing dies in the game, regardless of what attacks are used or the way things might look when they explode.

3. If we don't like something about the source material, we change it.





This is a story of a franchise's evolution, devolution, and plummeting...