Lovely Warriors of Friendship

All my games are intended to be both family friendly and child friendly. They do not contain sexualization or gore. They are completely free, and have no DRM, copy protection, or annoying advertising. They have no online features or interactivity and would be safe and fun to play on a computer with no internet connection.
Although my games are intended to not be very punishing, they are not complete pushovers either. Even though you get infinite continues in almost all cases, you still gotta beat the areas and bosses anyway. Like most other games of this nature, there are patterns, strategies, and other details you are supposed to figure out.

Also, just like with artists who draw things, I am subject to improving my creation skills more and more over the years. This means that newer games = better balance + less brokenness.

Save Files

For recording unlockables and level progress, my games have simple save files stored in the games' own root folders. They can be backed up, renamed then unrenamed, copied to other computers, and shared online. Simply delete them to clear your progress... a new one will automatically get created. 

The names of the save files are as follows:

Innocent Luna Game - Luna.issocute

Meloetta: Melody of Discord - meloetta.cute

Precure: Passion of Discord - passion.cure

Touhou: Warriors of Friendship 1 - TouhouWF.cuteness

Touhou: Warriors of Friendship 2 - TouhouWF2.cuteness

Spiritia: Spirit of Friendship - Spiritia.cute and Freudia.cute (both characters have separate save files and deleting one won't affect the other)

Lovely Warriors of Friendship - (demo), Megumi.IsSoLovely (full version)

Precure Magica - has 5 slots, named cuteness(#).cure. also has curefiles.cure, which is used only to display the characters' levels on the save/load screen, for all 5 slots. If curefiles.cure is deleted, your progress won't be lost, but the save/load screen will display data incorrectly.