Lovely Warriors of Friendship

Modifications: Games by others that I modified.

Other Games: Games by others that I am hosting unmodified.

Tools: Same as above except they are not games.


Mikuman x2 (clean version)


This is an awesome vocaloid megaman crossover game where you play as Miku and Rin. It has a ton of other cool crossover references like Mario and Metroid. However it had some small but extreme sexual references, so I decompiled the game and removed them.


Regina Game

This is an edit of Luna Game 3, to focus on Doki Doki Precure. Don't expect it to have an unhappy ending, because it doesn't. I also undid the programming that makes it mess with your mouse and escape key.


Highscore Tetris / "PhanTris"

Original version of game (without highscores list) is here.

Highscores list is "Arcade highscores" .mfa example I found. Origin unknown/I forgot.

I also changed the scoring rules for the game.




Precure All Stars RPG - Unlovely Mod 

^^(adds Unlovely and fixes a minor music glitch from the original game. for the original, completely unmodded version, see "Other Games")

Editable version (has more characters modded into it)

Precure RPG Mod v2 (compiled version w/ Unlovely + Sylph + Carol + Old Madge)

^^ both of the above add 2 new (non-precure) characters and 1 optional boss on top of the previous Unlovely addition.


Alchemy Deluxe - Cute Edition (18+ warning) (18+ Warning)