Lovely Warriors of Friendship

Meloetta: Melody of Discord


Meloetta has accidentally awoken Discord with her song! Join Meloetta and her loyal friends as they go on an epic adventure to stop Discord for good!



- This game is mostly true to the pokemon typing system (with some exceptions)! Unlock special weapons to exploit enemy weaknesses, and protect your own weakness by changing Meloetta's form!
- Battle Discord's minions including other pokemon, the Japanese Whaling Fleet, Dr. Wily, Brainwashed dolls and more!
- Knock some sense into your friend Miku... then join her in battle as she attacks with her leek!
- Use Pinkie Pie's bouncing ability to jump on enemies!
- Splashwoman's SeaPony shield can protect her from damage.
- Choose 1 of 3 songs to be Meloetta's special attack and devastate bosses!
- Unlockable content with pictures, pretty art, and even bonus levels where you can play as even more characters!
- Is there any good inside Discord? Get all the notes and find out!
- As Homura, unravel the mystery of why Madoka Magica is not innocent. In this bonus level, find out who is the one behind it all!
- As Phosphora, join forces with Viridi, goddess of nature to save the whales!
- Something familiar from "Innocent Luna Game" makes a return!
- As Meloetta, take on the "weird demon thing that killed Mami" aka Charlotte.
- As Mikuru, stand up to Haruhi and let her know that she can't boss you around!


Characters playable in the main story:
Hatsune Miku
Pinkie Pie



Playable characters exclusive to bonus levels:
Princess Luna
Satori Komeiji

Known glitches/bugs:
- Sometimes a defeated enemy will drop 6 notes instead of 3, allowing for the possibility of getting more than the level's maximum notes. (rare)
- Sometimes a note will get stuck on the special bar and not get registered as being collected. (rare)


- When the player flashes after being hit, they are invulnerable. This is NOT the case for flashing bosses, however!
- Just about every enemy or boss gives some sort of warning sound before it attacks. Pokemon say their cries, Discord laughs, etc.
- Make sure you read the game's help file to see how autosaving works!




I think "Meloetta: Melody of Discord" is your strongest piece. It's seems much more polished than the other ones and comes across with more direction. Overall, I think it just shows how much you can do with Multimedia Fusion and how it opens up the way to creating games for both the hobbyist and professional alike.

Good job on getting your game creation dreams in motion. Whatever the game, these things take time to produce.


- buckeroo

thank you for your kind words. :)