Lovely Warriors of Friendship

Spiritia: Spirit of Friendship


I love the characters in Rosenkreuzstilette, but honestly, I don't like the password screen and the difficulty. That's why I made Spiritia: Spirit of Friendship. I wanted there to be a game where I could play as Spiritia, but was easy and had a save feature. While I am at it, also include other things I like such as My Little Pony and Pokemon. Those are the reasons this game was born.

This game is basically another sequel to the Touhou: Warriors of Friendship games, and gameplay is very similar, but has Tia as the protagonist instead. I tried to polish this game slightly more than its prequels, returning bosses have some more attacks than they did before, and some new bosses have also been added with more unique patterns. Press F on the title screen to play as Freudia. While Rosenkreuzstilette has a hidden mode that is harder, this game has a hidden mode that is easier. Freudia's Freudenstachel never runs out, so you can just blast the heck out of things!

This game is purposely made to be casual and not very punishing. It was made with the mindset of "you died? so what. just try again". It is intended to be friendly to not skilled players, and even lazy ones. I firmly believe that playing games should be relaxing and fun, and not like a second job.

It was on purpose that I did not include obtainable weapons. I thought that they might actually make the boss fights less fun. In Lovely Warriors of Friendship, weapons are now obtainable by Spiritia.