Lovely Warriors of Friendship

Be Lovely!

By downloading or playing this game, or by sending messages to it's creator... or by posting messages about, or talking about, such individual in any way..... you agree to the following terms. If these terms are legally enforceable, be it in full or in part, they will be legally enforced. If they are not legally enforceable, attempts at enforcement will be made anyways, and you will be judged as being evil!
You agree to be a good loving person who gives unconditional love.
You also agree not to be a mean person in any way, such as being a snarky sarcastic troll/bully, or emotionally cruel to anyone, no matter how evil your target is. Just because somebody else is evil enough to break these terms, does not give you the right to break these terms too.
You agree to not be an uptight jerk about copyright or about art ethics in any way, including, but not limited to, DMCA'ing fan games.
You agree to not be any type of bigot (including but not limited to: homophobe, transphobe, xenophobe, ableist, ageist, sexist, racist, speciesist, etc), you agree to be against animal cruelty, against animal testing, against kill shelters, against the death penalty under all circumstances, and to not support mean politicians like Donald Trump.
You agree to not be a sheeple with a blind herd-like mentality. You also agree not to be a metaphorical sheepdog (sheepledog?) who enforces sheepleism or tries to maintain it's presence, within oneself or within others.
You agree to be a big living example of Precureism!
Failing to abide by the rules of our school will result in undiscording!

- Sakurako, Lovely Warriors of Friendship 💖
"Our school" is defined as "Lovely Warriors of Friendship".
"Undiscording" is defined as being reformed, by force if necessary, as long as said force is intending to be non-lethal and intending to be non cruel, and as long as said force does not violate these terms.
"Lovely Warriors of Friendship" is defined as any member of the organization, including but not limited to, its real life creator, and any playable character in it.
Fictional characters are real, they exist and they have souls.
Fictional characters are not property, animals are not property, plants are not property, spiritual beings are not property, slaves are not property. Plushies and dolls of any type are friends, not property.  These terms all take precedent over what any law made by any government, or the rules of any corporation or website says.
Extra Section ???: This section is equal to the rest of the terms. These terms all take precedent over what any law made by any government, or the rules of any corporation or website says. You are bound to these terms just by existing, regardless of whether you downloaded this game, or otherwise agreed to these terms or not. Morality over legality. Authoritarian tyranny and oppression must be resisted, loving imagination must be protected... regardless of what any legal entity thinks! The "magic of friendship", also known by other names, including but not limited to the "power of love", is the strongest force in the universe, and the only law of the universe. It transcends all other laws, including but not limited to the laws of time and space, as well as any legal laws. These terms are intended to serve as the messenger to it.

Extra Section ????: This section is also equal to the rest of these terms. Anything that violates these terms, but is too unsafe to even mention in these terms and still have this game and/or the act of reading it's terms remain safe for all ages, is still against these terms. Have common sense!

Extra Section ?????: This section is also equal to the rest of these terms. Any miswording or other type of mistake made in these terms, does not prevent these terms from being enforced or applied in the way the meaning of these terms was intended.

Extra Section ??????: This section is also equal to the rest of these terms. In the event that the meaning, or the intended meaning, of these terms is misinterpreted, vague, or is questioned... resolution to such matter can and will be resolved by any member of "Lovely Warriors of Friendship".

tl;dr - Have common sense and don't be a turd, and there will be no problems. You're free to act as you see fit, as long as you don't be a turd!

Turds are evil pathogens and they infect the Earth! Heal the Earth or else be purified!

You may fight for what you believe is right.





Screw any laws or anything else that tries to prohibit me from exposing this.

I've been mocked before for comparing myself to Rosa Parks, but this is basically the exact type of thing she did here. Blatantly defied the law when the law was evil. In a way that was small at the time, and mocked at the time. But big and remembered later precisely for that reason!

I have mental difficulties, that among other things, prevent me from doing much. But I will do what I can. I will make posts, and I will make fan games with things written in them. It's not much, but plucking a flower can affect a star...



99 cent amounts, as you may or may not know, are grounded in an old fashioned method of intentional mind manipulation. But do not blame random game developers for it. It is forced on them while also locked behind an NDA.

Of course, you could easily hit them with the "obey the rules of the club, or else leave or don't join the club" mentality. But that is one of the biggest, baddest factors in how oppression operates to start with.

With the invention of the internet and digital technology in general, it has great potential to expand on the world's limitless possibilities. Yet big corporations and governments try to limit these ideas anyways out of greed or otherwise just plain evilness. Many other people, simply fail to think or care hard enough about things to realize this, and thus inadvertantly feed this problem further by defending it, at the expense of the oppressed.

If you needlessly place restrictions on the heart, it is a waste of time and a waste of life.


Also, let's not forget that Vincent Van Gough, although we may know him as a well respected famous artist now, in his own time period, his creativity was mocked. So badly, in fact, that in a world that basically said "we accept all forms of art", his art was simply not counted as being art to start with.

This is how worse forms of oppression such as bigotry work too - America's founding idea of "life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", or "happiness for all people" as it was made to sound, simply refrained from pointing out that slaves were not legally counted as people at the time. And it also only applied to white men, who were wealthy enough to own land. Even if women and non-land owners were legally classified as people, they simply were excluded too anyways. And that was just an unwritten rule. To the evil bigots of old, it was merely a given that did not need saying.


But we say - the unwritten rule should be the opposite - that all forms of needless bigotry, oppression, and discrimination - no matter how big or how small - are evil and thus forbidden, and that is just common sense.

Hatred spreads like a virus, but love does too. Nobody is perfect, but always try your best in every choice you make, to be on the side of love.




For the purpose of verifying certain quotes, the "Steam Subscriber Agreement" is here:

snapshotted version, for preservation (and safety) purposes:

As for everything else I said in the screenshotted messages, I believe the screenshotted messages speak for themselves.



Let's also not forget the story of Bob Zellner - a white guy who stood up for black people in a time period when most did not. He was physically assaulted because of his actions, and then, despite being the victim of said assult, was then taken to prison.

Being educated is cool. Perhaps too cool for the school system run by authoritarian governments that do not want to lose their power. But I will preach about what I do know, in order to do good.

"Actions have consequences", sure. But authoritarian sheeple are in no place to preach that to me, and are also on the wrong side of it.


It shows even dollar amounts, b-but... the game is only 99 cents per copy, right? Either:
A- they are telling the developer a direct lie about their earnings numbers (sounds quite illegal if so), or B - perhaps Steam gives you an extra penny per copy, claims that they're being "generous", but in reality this would simply implicate them MORE on the mind control thing as their actual intent. Many people seem to just choose their own prices like this without even thinking about it anymore, but, if they are going that far out of their way to enforce it, that's ethically scummy at the very least. I have not made enough to receive my payment yet (paid every month if your earnings balance is at least $100 total, youtube google adsense style), so I am unsure as of now if they are doing A or B.






Harry Potter and the ARRRRR MATEY full series




All 3 of my accounts (this one and two alts, which I told them to delete as well) are now gone without a trace. No confirmation emails given to any of them. It's not that I mind this bit that much - it's just that I do mind incompetent buffoons and liars.

Sakurako says it's not prohibited, and that any claims of otherwise must be ignored.


ok, got the email afterall, weeks later. That last line seems to indicate that they are lying about the process being irreversible. Meaning, even if they say they won't / have a rule against it, it is not physically and/or digitally impossible. One of these days, Steam, karma will get you...

now this might explain or coincide with healin good and the unredeemed byogen's downfall, and Cure Grace suddenly turning into an unkind jerk.... if the problem is even bigger than that in general, with Toei in general going to the dark side and betraying it's own messages.... I hope you know, for a franchise that’s supposed to use emotions to lift people’s spirits up, and for a season that's supposed to specifically emphasize health, the recent events of healin good have made my mental health and depression get much worse.... so counterproductive, and Daruizen is crying....

Healin' Good is racist, sexist, ableist and written by QAnon terrorists!
 (original download as came from DL-site)