Lovely Warriors of Friendship


The following games are all arcade maze games made with Astral Entertainment's source code of "Pea-Guy 2: Part 2 Pagoon".  Minor Details, Sanaki's Quest, and Despicable Me: Margo and the Sound of Music have been finished. All the rest are unfinished and abandoned. Out of the unfinished ones, I'd recommend WordGirl and Team Umizoomi the most because they have the most levels done. Non-boss levels are just like the gameplay of Pac-Guy (the former name of Pea-Guy). Which is similar to Pac-Man but with some differences. Instead of power pellets letting you eat enemies, they give you ammo to shoot enemies with. Also unlike Pac-Man, they player stops moving when the arrow keys are released. Pac-Guy/Pea-Guy is a series I have loved all my life, but sadly it is very unheard of. The games used to cost money but are now available for free on Astral Entertainment's website.






Minor Details

This game is loosely based on a movie I really like called "Minor Details", however it also has crossovers with Coraline and My Little Pony. Play as Paige and/or Emily, and solve the mystery of why people are sick. Enter the dream world and stop Nightmare Moon and Ipecacula. It's one of my older games, with arcade maze style gameplay. Made with Astral Entertainment's source code for "Peaguy 2: Pagoon". This game has 21 levels, including some boss levels.


Flash Version


Sanaki's Quest 

This game is loosely based on the plot of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, but focuses on Sanaki. Defeat the evil schemeing senators and stop Ashera from destroying the world! This game contains 17 levels.




WordGirl (unfinished)

This is a game about the 10 year old super hero, WordGirl! Like Minor Details, this is an arcade maze game made from the source code of Peaguy 2: Pagoon. However there is a twist... instead of collecting powerups, there is a bonus word that you have to spell on every level. There are also boss levels where you fight villains from the show such as The Butcher and Dr. Two-Brains. One player mode has 27 levels, there is also a two player mode with 11 levels.




Team Umizoomi (unfinished)

Join Team Umizoomi on their Quest to stop Kan! While most of the games just use the gameplay style and source code, this game features a ton of actual characters from Pea-Guy. Contains 43 levels. This game is true to the Nick Jr. show in some of it's "kiddie" or "educational" math ways, such as having levels where you have to solve patterns and get the right shape. It was also the FIRST game I edited pagoon from and actually features Pagoon itself as the first 8 levels... except you play as Milli instead of Pea-Guy.



Despicable Me: Margo and the Sound of Music 

Vector has stolen the sound of music, it's up to Margo to get it back. Contains 5 levels, including one boss level (the fight with Vector).



8 Pinkees (unfinished)

This is a game where you play as my doll Tickled Pink and have to rescue other tickled pinks. It was originally gonna have 8 levels, including a witch boss,  but I only wound up making 4 levels. You can also play as Moonglo, Chrissa, or Nephy.



3 Muskteers Pokemon (unfinished)

Play as either Virizion, Cobalion, or Terrakion and save other animals from getting killed. Has 5 levels, including one boss.