Lovely Warriors of Friendship

Modifications: Games by others that I modified.

Other Games: Games by others that I am hosting unmodified.

Tools: Same as above except they are not games.


Game Maker Decompiler (8.0-8.1)

Game Maker Decompiler (version 7 and older)


Use these on an exe game that was made in Game Maker to obtain it's source code.



Game Maker Studio Script

Use the above script with the above program to extract resources from games made with Game Maker Studio (newer than Game Maker 8.1).



This is an extraction tool that can extract certain kinds of archive files that winrar can't. "CrageGUI.exe" is the correct file to run. 

Games I know it works on: The Genius of Sappheiros, 99 Spirits


Extract Data

Another asset extraction program.

Games I know it works on: Evil Orbs, Revolution Ace, Super Meat Boy.

Also works on "audiogroup" files from Game Maker Studio games.


Enigma EBU Unpacker

Enigma Unpacker (for bigger game files)

Can extract assets from games made with certain things, such as RPG Maker MV.


RPG Maker MV Decryptor

Another RPG Maker MV extraction tool for games that have their files protected in a different way.


Unity Studio

The best (in my opinion) extraction tool for games made with Unity.


XNB Extractor - Images

XNB Extractor - Sounds

Another extraction tool for another popular type of file.


RKS Decoder

This does what crass does, but is specific to the game Rosenkreuzstilette. Crass doesn't work on it, so this tool is required for it. Just drag the .dat files onto the exe and it will extract. This does not work on the sequel, Rosenkreuzstilette: Freudenstachel.


RKSF Extractor

Alternative to RKS decoder for extracting the resources from Rosenkreuzstilette: Freudenstachel. Includes Dxadecode, and a .bat file. Put both files into the folder for the game, then run the .bat file.


Ewisoft Website Builder

This is the program my website is made with. It is the "unregistered" version, but it never expires.


Action Point or Hotspot Setter

This program's purpose is to make it so that in Multimedia Fusion, you can easily set the action point or hot spot of sprites with a lot of frames in their animations. However, it may be used for anything where you'd want to simulate mouse clicks.



The windows XP version of sound recorder, which in my opinion is a little better than the windows 7 one. Opening it in windows 7 might give some kind of registry error but it should still work anyway.