Lovely Warriors of Friendship

Sakurako in Nightmare School

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Sakurako has to protect the peace of her school from evil government officials and anyone who invades her school or harasses or oppresses her fellow students!

Friendly students don't automatically count as "invaders" just because they are aliens. Evil government officials who try to hurt them, on the other hand, do!

She also has to make sure that it is a hospitable and friendly place to others and anyone who visits or might want to attend, and that it doesn't become known for doing evil things, such as frog dissection, gender exclusivity, or bigotry against alien students! Therefore, she has to stop those things from happening if/when there is ever a threat of them doing so!

Although things might make some sense at first, it quickly becomes clear that a certain individual has used evil oniric powers to turn her school, the one that she and her friends and classmates all lovingly attend, into a living nightmare! To protect all that she values, Sakurako must, well, you know... the solution is obvious, right?

Movement mechanics inspired by Gravity Control (a fun but simplistic game who's devs were kind enough to give me for free via Steam Curator Connect):

Also incorporates random things from Dead or School and also other dream-like things such as Onirism, They Bleed Pixels, and Fragile Fighter.

And is ultimately based on Precure, of course!