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Risette Escape

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Last Update: June 14, 2024

When Risette takes one small moment to go out on her own for a drink, Mireille gets kidnapped by the GQP.
Now Risette has to investigate and save her.
What was originally a casual slice of life scenario suddenly turns serious.
Along with rescuing Mireille, many other evil political plots will also be stopped along the way...  
Risette is kind and loving, but also a bit naughty.
She can use the creeps' own desires against them via seduction and interrogation.
In the end, the goals are still the same - purify everything and kill nothing! Spread love, not hate!


Noteable features:
- This game is a platformer that gives you infinite jumps.
- Other playable characters can also be unlocked.
- The game has a HUB world(s) that can also be explored.
- Arcade machines with minigames on them that play much differently than the main game.
- Clothes break: rather than it being a punishment for taking damage, blow up the clothes voluntarily to seduce the scums and damage enemies!
- Fight against many powerful, evil authoritarians - be they corporate, government, or otherwise - such as Donald Trump, Elon Musk, The Pope, and Toei Animation.
- Save prisoners from shutcages so they can be free to follow their dreams!
- Get drunk.
- Breed.
- Your character's age? Who cares!
- Don't worry about the law. It's your mission to topple it anyways!