Lovely Warriors of Friendship

This page is for unfinished games that I do not intend to work on again. This is for the more recent games only, there are other games that are not finished located on the page for Maze Games.


Precure Magica: Deconstruction of Discord


When darkness is deconstructed, thy innocence shall shine!

This is an RPG made in game maker... it's a crossover of many things, but mainly Precure, Madoka Magica, and My Little Pony. Among the bosses you will face are a Negatone, Queen Chrysalis, Zero from Megaman X, Kaa from the Jungle Book, and Charlotte.








Meloetta: Ocean Song Princess 



This is a game where you play as Meloetta in a swimsuit. This current demo features one normal level and two boss levels.






Unnamed Game


This is a project I had mostly kept quiet about, other than a few youtube videos, and it was previously unreleased until now. It was started sometime between Touhou Warriors of Friendship 2 and Spiritia: Spirit of Friendship. It has similar mechanics that are a loose combination of those 2 games and Meloetta: Melody of Discord. It has two boss battles that are currently unique to it - Rayquaza and Metagross. You can also fight shiny versions of them, which have more health. Playable characters are Meloetta, Shiny Meloetta, and Tippi from Super Paper Mario. All three of these characters are currently included in Lovely Warriors of Friendship. This game also has some character differences based on the pokemon type chart, for example, Tippi takes no contact damage from touching Rayquaza as it counts as a dragon type attack.