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Pokemon Kindness Version is made with Pokemon Essentials, a pokemon starter kit for Rpg Maker XP made by a forum user called "poccil". It is hard to tell the graphics apart from Pokemon
Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald. This game has most full features that pokemon r/s/e has, except for contests and ribbons.

This game has all 493 "official" pokemon, plus around 100 new ones so far. Most of them don't look very "pokemon style", rather a lot of them are odd, many are even human characters. This game includes several My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite characters too.

Currently, Pokemon Kindness Version is NOT a full fledged pokemon game. After you play the introduction (up until the professor gives you the pokedex and a bunch of other items), you are pretty much on your own to do whatever you want. There are several battles in the game (that are initiated by talking to someone or something), including wild "legendary" battles and trainers. These can be battled as many times as you want.

Even though the game is released, I will probably be updating it constantly. All updates will be listed on the News Section.

Key Points


- This game is NOT made for competitive battles or hard core gamers. It's only made for people to enjoy the characters and their cool battles. It's just made to be fun.

- Debug mode is really useful, I purposely made it accessible to anyone who plays the game.

- To change your pokemon's levels, select the pokemon and choose "debug", then "set level". This is useful if you want to avoid your pokemon getting to such a high level that the battles become not-challenging and no fun. Most of the battles are geared towards a player that has pokemon between level 70-80.

- To teach your pokemon ANY move you want, select the pokemon, choose "debug", then "teach move".

- To give yourself a pokemon of any species, choose "debug" from the main menu, then choose "add pokemon". You can then set it's level and nickname. When I play, I put their level to 70.

- Their is only one PC in the game, and that PC is in your player's bedroom. To access the pc from anywhere else, choose "debug" from the main menu, then choose "Use PC".

- To fill your PC with one pokemon of each species, choose "debug" from the main menu, then choose "Fill boxes". They take up 1 slot times the number of total pokemon species in the game, starting with slot 1 in box 1. Any pokemon in any of these slots WILL BE OVERWRITTEN.

- To delete ALL pokemon in your PC, choose "debug" from the main menu, then choose "Clear boxes". DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU WANT TO!

- Most trainers in the game are talk-to "events", but a few maps have the kind of trainers that "spot" you. To re-battle these trainers, go to the map with the trainer you want to battle, then choose "debug" from the main menu, then choose "reset trainers". This ONLY resets the trainers that are on the map you are standing on.

- To give yourself items, choose "debug" from the main menu, then choose "Fill bag". You can choose how many of each item you want, I usually choose 99.

- Most of the time, there is no way to get from map to map. Just enter debug mode, and choose "warp to map".

- To heal all your pokemon, go to debug mode and choose "Heal Party".

- To delete all of your items, go to debug mode and choose "Clear Bag.

- To change your trainer's money, go to debug mode and choose "Set money".

- Holding the control key while on the field lets you walk through walls and people, and makes you avoid random wild encounters in the grass.

- If you hold the control key in a battle and then select "RUN", you can end the battle. In a wild battle, it will be a guarenteed flee, and in a trainer battle it will give you the option to "treat this battle as a win".

- To change pokemons' alternate forms, choose "debug", then "warp to map" and goto the map "Kit's Dressing Room". Talk to the signs and crystals there.

- CAUTION: If you use the "Battle Arena", you should not have any pokemon in your party other than the ones you are entering in the challenge. They will be deleted if you do. This is due to a problem with the coding that I can't figure out, and it ONLY happenes in the Battle arena, and NOT in the battle tower or palace.


Please make sure you have read the instructions before you click the link below:

Download Pokemon Kindness Version (zip file - uncompressed)

I discovered that the download for Pokemon Kindness Version does NOT work for people who don't have rpg maker xp on their computer. I'll try to address this but quite honestly I'm kind of at a loss for what to do. I tried compressing the game in RPGXP, but it would fail to extract.

You can get Rpg Maker XP Here. You'll probably also need the RTP package, which is also available at the link I just gave.

The download link for the game was broken recently, but it's fixed now! :)

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