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April 2009


Pokemon can now be encountered in the wild in their alternate forms.


April 26th, 2009

  • Added new pokemon - #653 WUBBZY
  • Added a new pokedex section for "Wow Wow Wubbzy".
  • Added new d/p move to the attackdex, DARK VOID.
  • Added WUBBZY's cry to the cries and sounds page.
  • Marked ALL pages on this entire website in red text (even if they don't relate to Pokemon Kindness Version) if they have something even slightly not kid-friendly. This however could be something as simple as me having written the page when I was in a bad mood and/or ranting. However I want to make sure kids don't get upset when/if they see my website.

    April 25th, 2009

  • Added new pokemon, #647 YEYE.
  • Added the first new ability, OLD AGE. Also added a new page for the new abilities.
  • Added more of KAI-LAN's friends - #648 TOLEE, and #649 HOHO.
  • Added the WUBB GIRLZ - #650 SHINE, #651 SHIMMER, and #652 SPARKLE.

    April 24th, 2009

  • Updated the 12 letter names dev guide to include how to change the name rater event. I also added another new code section to edit.

    April 23rd, 2009

  • Added new pokemon, #645 MOOSE.
  • Added new pokemon, #646 DARKRAI PWNY

    April 22nd, 2009

  • Gave #608 CHRISSA a new alternate form - "Warm-up Set".

    April 21st, 2009

  • Added new pokemon, #644 RINTOO.
  • Added a 4th page to the "All" section in the pokedex.
  • Added a section for "Ni hao, Kai-Lan" to the pokedex.
  • Gave #642 KAI-LAN an alternate form "Swimsuit".
  • I discovered that the download for Pokemon Kindness Version does NOT work for people who don't have rpg maker xp on their computer. I'll try to address this but quite honestly I'm kind of at a loss for what to do. I tried compressing the game in RPGXP, but it would fail to extract.

    April 15th, 2009

  • Updated KAI-LAN's cry and added it to "cries and sounds" | "quotes".
  • Updated game download file.

    April 13th, 2009

  • Updated the alternate forms developer's guide so that pokemon can now be encountered in the wild in their alternate forms.

    April 11th, 2009

  • Fixed the name rater so pokemon can be RE-named to names with 12 letters.
  • Updated game download file.

    April 8th, 2009

  • Updated game download file.

    April 7th, 2009

  • Added new pokemon, #642 KAI-LAN.
  • Added a word of caution on the Battle Arena to the help/download page.
  • Made a very small fix to the 12 letter names developer's guide.

    April 6th, 2009

  • Made the current version of Pokemon Kindness Version available for download. This does NOT mean the game is finished, and please don't have high expectations for it when it comes to sequence of events, storyline, or level/area/map design and many other things.

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