All online highscores no longer work except for those in the vitalize games. I apolagize for any inconvinence but some of these are old games and I no longer use Game Maker.

Main Games

Kindness Sisters
This is a very non-violent game where you can play as one of two children – Nephilim & Lyra – and you must rescue other children, who were playing outside but they ran too far and are being chased now by monsters. This game’s movement system is like that of the spaceship in asteroids, but there is no shooting. The goal is to save all the children on the screen, and bring them back to their house. There also boss levels where big bad bosses can do things to try and stop you from saving the children. This game has unlockable worlds and a boss rush mode, as well as online highscores. It also saves your top score for each world locally, but only one, as there’s no local scores lists.

Screenshots and Download Here.

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This game is a mix of an arcade game, Pokemon, and Phillip Pullman's the Subtle Knife, among other things. The game play is like that of an arcade game, it has many bricks but is NOT like breakout. It is similar to a game called “Brickanoid” (by wingamez.com) where you shoot bricks and try to destroy a boss (in this game the boss’ name is Bob) with two ammo types. However, in this game, instead of a space ship, you are one of twelve characters, most of which need to be unlocked. That’s how Classic mode is played. There is also Subtle Knife mode where you must wait for a timer to count down, and a knife will appear which you must use to instantly defeat the boss. In Rescue mode, you must wait for a key to appear to free the character in the cage and unlock them. On most levels the character “whitehair” is found, but other characters may appear on the 3rd, 6th, or 9th levels depending on which character you are playing as. “Quick” one-level versions of these three game modes can be unlocked by achieving a certain amount of points in them. All six game modes have local highscores lists with 15 scores, and online highscores lists with an unlimited number of scores.

Screenshots and Download Here.

Space La Shae 2
This is a space invaders type game where you are a stick figure girl instead of a spaceship. It has 8 missions each with 6 stages and a boss, and there is also a gigantic final boss. There are several power-ups to collect. This game has 3 difficulty settings, each one has a local highscores list with 15 scores, and an online highscores list with unlimited number of scores. This game also saves some statistics, like total enemies killed (during multiple game plays), and has two unlockable art drawings based on the main character.

Screenshots and Download Here.

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Smaller Games, Mini-Games, and Old Games

Fishy GM Version
This is a Game Maker made remake of an arcade flash game, where you must eat the smaller fish to grow bigger but avoid fish that are bigger than you. This game has a local highscores list with 15 scores and an online highscores list with an unlimited number of scores.

Screenshots and Download Here.

Incomplete Abandoned Games

Snuggle Children
This is a turn based RPG, where you play as three cute children and battle evil monsters. Although this game is incomplete, it has many things to it. It has a fully made battle system with several attack and heal spells, plus burn, poison, and sleep spells that actually work. It has a Beastiary (a “pokedex” of defeated monsters) which actually works. It has exp and leveling up like any rpg should, and some spells aren’t learned until certain levels. It also has ways of upgrading characters’ powers (look for a pokeball in town or a dress at the inn). There’s also a battle tutorial at the beginning of the game. Although this game has several bosses, the storyline aspect of this game is what is the least complete. I mainly abandoned it because the game’s file size was becoming too large for me to handle, and making it was extremely tough. Press Control to bring up the menu on the field.

Screenshots and Download Here.

Upcoming Games

Moonglo Game (no name yet)
This is a game where you play as Moonglo from “Rainbow Brite” and must save the night sky from evil monsters.
Download Demo (control with the mouse and click to shoot)

Vitalize! Games:


You must download the following plugin from clickteam.com before you can play these games:


Battle in Alaska: Piper Palin's Wolf Rescue
Sarah Palin is a mean governor of Alaska who is trying to kill wolves from airplanes. Her little girl, Piper, does not like what she is doing and tries to stop her.

Play Here.

Pinkie Pie's Loot
A simple My Little Pony game where you play as Pinkie Pie and collect gems. Avoid the bombs.

Play Here.

Iris VS Falzar
A Megaman Battle Network 6 fangame.

Play Here.

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