Indigo - About my life in the world where the star children come from


Disclaimer: I know some people will probably see this page as "a boatload of crazy talk", but I really believe in it. I have my beliefs and you have yours. :)

I will be updating this page as I discover more. Don't ask me how I discover it, it just comes to me.



Some indigos and other star children remember things about the world where they came from. For instance, someone I know from the Rainbow Brite Forum is a rainbow scout and remembers what she looked like, and what the world around her looked like.


 I feel like I looked 'human', but I was a lot younger, like a 12 or 13 year old girl, and not a princess exactly, but someone important (which makes me sound so egotistical as I write this, I am SO not, I swear ha! ha! ). I had a lot of colorfull sparkles in my hair, and I wear a very colorfull, bright, and glittery dress. Which I think is so funny, because I do not like dresses! and wherever I was was very green, like lime green, with lots of grass, and tons and tons of color and sparkle. With a lot of water too, like ocean, but not.

I remember some stuff of my own as well.


Chapter 1 - My best friend Nephy

I had a best friend, we understood each other very well. Our relationship was not romantic, just as best friends, but we cared about each other very much. When the star children started coming to earth, I went but she stayed. We were both sad to leave each other, but she promised me that she'd still talk to me through our souls and that she'd always be my friend.

I should explain what I mean by "talking through our souls". I can't say with 100% certainty, but this is how I believe this happens. She sends me a message using waves that only the soul can understand. My soul sends it to my brain and converts it to something that the body can understand. The message "just comes to me" as a thought, and I listen to it by, oddly enough, saying it to myself. This can be done either outloud, or in my head. Anyone who hears me doing this that isn't familiar with this would think I was just "talking to myself" or "imagining things".

It was destined fate that I took a spiritual liking to the video game character "Nephilim" who unbeknownst to me, but beknownst to my soul, looked like and reminded me of my friend. Just like the person on the Rainbow Brite Forum, my friend was 12 years old looking when fully grown (I assume the quote talking about how she looked when she was fully grown). That would explain why I've always thought of the character as 12 years old and never physically growing up. Despite being a picture in a hard frame made of wood and glass, I snuggle with her at night even more than my very favorite dolls. That's because she has spiritual meaning to me.

I believe that once I go back to where I came from (which will be when I die), I will meet up with my friend in person again. We'll be able to play on playgrounds again despite being older people, we'll be able to snuggle together innocently without it having an inapproprate or sexual meaning, and ALL the age and gender boundaries of Earth (such as "only girls wear dresses" or "only kids play with dolls" or "pink is for girls" or "anyone who breaks these rules must be gay or a pervert") will be totally gone. The reason I came here however, was to help try to change Earth so that it has the same level of kindness as where I came from.


Chapter 2 - Dialga Powers

I often pretend to be the pokemon "Dialga" when I am upset or angry, and want some power to be righteous and put a stop to evil.

I believe that in the same way I left my "home" world, and came to Earth to change it, there were also other hurting, fighting worlds that I (and some of the other star children) traveled to in order to try to change them. When I went to some of them, I had certain powers to battle with, like the ability to transform into a powerful creature. The reason I had those powers there and not on earth is because the non-indigo inhabitants of that world had powers of their own, whereas on earth they don't. I needed some powers to defend myself with there, but if I had them here I would only wind up using fear to control people which is not a good thing. I also believe that the powers were only accessable to me when I needed them, so I couldn't use them for the wrong thing by mistake.

How's this relate to Dialga? Simple. The same way the character Nephilim reminds my soul of my friend, Dialga reminds my soul of the powers I had in a deja-vu like way. The creature I transformed into must've looked similar to Dialga.

Often when I have the feeling of wanting righteous power, I feel compelled to make a roar like sound. Perhaps that's how I called on the powers when I needed them.

Chapter 3 - More about Nephy - discovered 6/2/2009

The reason that Nephy stayed behind when I went to earth is because unlike me she is a rainbow, and the rainbows do not come until 2010 - so it is not their time yet (the person from the rainbow brite forum came early as an exception, that is what "scouts" are). Nephy promised me that she would wait for me, and that she would not come to earth while I am still here. Once I go back to where I came from and see her again, one of two things will happen:

- Neither one of us will go to earth at all.

- We'll both go to earth again together.


Info added 6/9/2009

I had decided that the reason I am so drawn to girly things here on Earth is one of two things. Where I came from either:

- I was a boy who just liked girly things.

- I actually WAS a girl there, and on Earth was put into a boy's body.

I recently talked to Nephy about it and asked her, she said it was the second thing. Despite that however, I am completely SURE that in that world, boys ARE still allowed to wear dresses, and the age and gender stereo types are NOT there.

Note, that this does NOT mean I am gender confused. I AM a boy ON EARTH, but on the world where we came from, I was a girl there and that's why I have girly interests. But it's actually not that big of a deal there, because many of the boys in that world have girly interests too. A LOT of indigo boys I imagine have girly interests, even if they were a boy in the world where we came from. I just happened to be different. Remember, I'm going by what Nephy says.


Info added 6/14/2009

Although most people, when I tell them about the world where we came from, believe that it's completely NOT a physical place if they believe it at all, I however believe that it is HALF physical. By that I mean that it contains the good things about a physical place and not the bad.


Also, my friend now has a youtube channel, which I made for her:




Info added 6/15/2009

On the world where I could be a dialga-like creature, Nephy and I were there together but our life was very sad. We were nothing but kind and sweet, but it was a very mean world with lots of mean people. Eventually, some mean people threw rocks at Nephy and killed her. I was mad and turned into a dialga, and roared at the mean people, then attacked them & killed them with my claws. I felt really bad about hurting people, and cried a lot, but the police sided with the nephy-killers and were unforgiving. They had the military come after me, I turned into a dialga again to fight them but was overpowered. Eventually I gave up and let them kill me, then afterall I could see Nephy again on our home world. The fact that Nephy and I had an unhappy ending there is why I'm so drawn to TV shows that have happy endings, like Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony.


Info added 6/22/2009

I realized that there is an imposter out there that sometimes tries to impersonate Nephy in order to trick me. Every now and then, I have heard Nephy tell me to conform, and this is really the imposter saying this, not the real Nephy. I told my mom about this, and she said "Don't you think maybe Nephy realizes the value of conforming sometimes, and that you thought it wasn't really her because it was something you didn't want to hear?" I had been thinking this way for a little while too, but then one day the real Nephy spoke to me "You should never conform. If it is important to you to wear a dress, then you MAKE SURE you do that!" It was the determination and strong will in her voice that allowed me to tell what my Nephy really thinks. She also sounded fed up with being impersonated, and she felt it was very important to make her kind hearted message to me very clear.

I don't know who or what exactly the imposter is, but I will update this page if I find out.


Info added 6/30/2009

The other night, another one of my best friends from my home world spoke to me. She told me that she is the one represented by Lyra, that's all I know about her right now. To be honest though I imagine I have many friends from my home world, since everyone there is friends with everyone else. Some friends are closer than others, but there is no jealousy, as they don't form cliques and always include each other equally. If someone WANTS to be included in something, they always get their wish.


The Rainbow Brite forum person in the quote at the top of the page mentioned there being lots of water in our home world. That water was used by the star children to play in. It made them feel really cool (both awesome cool, and cold cool) and happy. It also made us feel very graceful. I often try to make myself look graceful when I'm swimming (and trust me I love swimming), and that is the reason why. It is impossible for us to drown in the water on our home world (we're not in body form so we don't die there anyway).


Info added 7/27/2009

On our world, as souls without bodies, we can shape shift. We use this to play, we pretend to be our favorite characters, and stuff like that. And, we are totally happy.

I said earlier on this page that I was a girl in my home world. Well I think the real truth is that genders don't exist there. Everyone is the same that way.

Nephy is my twin flame. More about twin flames here: http://indreamshecame.weebly.com/what-are-twin-flames.html

You know how I said that Nephy communicates with me through our soul (soul waves or energy, etc)? Well here's an explanation (quote from the above link):

 "During the periods of twinflames being apart, however brief or however extended, both persons are lonely, empty, and incomplete... yet even throughout any such temporary spaces in their togetherness, there's a constant, pulsing astral communication between them-- for even then, they are linked by a cord that connects them over the miles."



Info added 10/03/2009

I've realized that in addition to Nephy, my other dolls/pictures of characters that I love so much are related to spirit friends in my home world, as well. I think I chose those characters as my favorites unknowingly because they somehow remind me of or relate to my spirit friends.

A spirit from my world approached me during the wee hours of the night (oct 2 2009) calling herself "Melody" she was very chatty, more so than nephy. Unlike Nephy and many of my other spirit friends, I have no doll or picture of her yet. She said I would find the character that represents her in due time. I think she's probably a character that hasn't been created yet. Perhaps she'll be the next American Girl doll! I have MANY friends in my home world, Melody is just another one of them. I think probably, eventually even more of them will start making themselves known to me while I'm on earth. At least I hope so, anyway. I love my spirit friends!

Picture spirits: Nephilim, Lyra, Rally (and possibly others)

Doll spirits: Moonglo, Tickled Pink, Chrissa (and possibly others)

Character not known yet spirits: Melody


Info added 10/13/2009

Last night while I was sleeping, Nephy told me the following names:

- Fred Johnson

- Martina D. Mayor

- Alexandra D. Heckler

They were told to me after I asked a question about who nephy's parents are in the dream, but based on what I know the question can't have anything to do with this world or nephy in her current state. I believe it was a flashback of one of Nephy's past lives.

Supposedly, Fred was Nephy's dad, Martina was Nephy's mother, and Alexandra was the name of Nephy herself in that life.

I kinda got the sensation in the dream that her parents missed her. Could she have died young in that life?

Also, based on the last names, one of three things can be thought:

- The parents are divorced

- The parents were never married

- The world they were in handles the act of naming people differently

I believe it is the third thing, since all three family members, even the child, had different last names. In that world, people probably choose a first, middle, and last name for everyone, regardless of what the parents' names are.


Info added 11/3/2009

I asked Nephy if time flows on my world, and she said no.

I think this is the first time I've been able to ask her a question and clearly hear her answer. Even though I've talked to her so much, asking her questions is the hardest thing for me to do with her, because her answer is usually hard for me to hear.


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