Lovely Warrior of Friendship

Hello. I am a spirit incarnated in human form, and a warrior of friendship. This means I fight for the magic of friendship. I also fight for the magic of love and happiness. I wish to make everything unlovely become lovely. I will not hesitate to use reformed unloveliness, or reformed disharmony, to further my goal.

This is one of my favorite tropes. If you do not love the unlovely, then you are equally unlovely and will have to answer to me.

Nothing truly dies in my games. So, something exploded? So what? Besides, dead things have the possibility of being revived infinite times. Death is also not final, and dead things that don't get revived become a spirit with the possibility of reincarnation. If  I use a form of the word "die", to refer to the defeat of a pokemon or video game character, that does not change this.

I do not like moral ambiguity. Everything that is unlovely must either fully reform, or be defeated in an innocent way that doesn't kill them.

All that matters to me, is whether the intentions in something's heart are lovely or unlovely. I am completely against any other forms of discrimination. If you dare attack something like Unlovely's gender change, you will have to answer to me, you unlovely bully.

The only thing I despise more than unlovely intentions, is intentionally using something lovely with unlovely intentions, with the specific intention to destroy love and spread unloveliness. Love hunters are worse than unlovely things that don't specifically hunt love down.

If you ever get a Luvdisc from "CURE LOVELY" on Wonder Trade, with an ID of 28275, then it was probably from me. I don't care if it's not Valentine's Day, because love is supposed to be unconditional.



Everything on this site is a free download, and it costs nothing to offer it.




I am a time lord with two hearts.



I am a warrior of friendship. But like any other warrior, I carry a sword in case things go wrong.



I've also got a dragon. but this is not just any dragon, he has the ability to make red and blue stop fighting. So look out, congress! The magic of friendship is gonna get to you!



If you try to break my spirit of friendship, then I will bring all my aces out of the hole.


Oh, and I actually have more than this. Watch out!


Doll Army Status

Tickled Pinks: 46

Moonglows: 6

Dress Up Rainbow Brites: 7

Meloettas: 11

Aces: 9