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The act of destroying things shall meet its destruction, the act of killing things shall meet its death! And in the end..... all ill intentions shall fall before me! I synchro summon... the lovely, the cute, the spiritually beautiful..... Nephy, spirit of kindness!!!!!!!

I love "Precure" and I love to deconstruct "Madoka Magica" to make it innocent like it should have been. I love dolls, pokemon and My Little Ponies. I am a casual game developer and I make games about those things.

I am a strong willed person who believes in tolerance, innocence, and good intentions. I will not only use my games and my very existence to battle bad intentions, but to defend good ones from intolerance as well.

I hate brutal things like whaling, you'll see plenty of "Whale Wars" themed boss battles in my games! I am a strong supporter of Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace and wish the two would get along.

I am a 20+ year old boy. I love to play with dolls, and wear dresses. This does not automatically make me gay, which I am not, I just like what I like. I am a strong supporter of gay rights though. I just HATE intolerance of things that are HARMLESS and can't believe the boy scouts are actually THINKING ABOUT whether or not they want to allow gays. There is nothing to think about!

I don't think good people can be against same sex marriage. I don't CARE how sweet of a person they are otherwise, being homophobic overshadows everything else good about them.

A debate about homosexuality is like transformers. There are the decepticons who are hateful, intolerant, and want to kill people. And there are the autobots who are just, tolerant, and want to save people. Is there actually a debate about which side is right? No. There is one clear right and one clear wrong.

I believe any two beings can be friends in a non-romantic innocent way regardless of age, gender, or species. You can also be in a romantic relationship with more than one person as long as all of them are equal and true. The latter sentence is VERY important to me... and sadly, its very hard for me to find someone who thinks like me regarding it.

I have 9 American Girl dolls... Kit, Ruthie, Mia, Kanani, Felicity, Elizabeth, Chrissa, Sonali, and Gwen.

I have a huge army of Dress up Rainbow Brite dolls - 6 Moonglos, 7 Rainbow Brites (the dress up variety with rainbow colored dresses), and a whopping 38 Tickled Pinks (as of now)!

I have a TON of plush pokemon, especially legendaries! And an army of 11 Meloettas so far!

It does not matter if Moonglo is a rare $100 doll... she is one of my favorite characters. Character toys are meant to be played with and cuddled and loved by those who like that character, just like any child would. I am a little girl at heart anyway.

I do not like white lies! If you're avoiding me and I ask why, tell me the truth, even if it will hurt my feelings. It will hurt my feelings more if I find out your lying. and chances are I WILL find out. so just don't do it, okay?

I really hate when people try to add violence or sexuality into shows such as my little pony because that stuff has no place in innocent shows meant for all ages. I am strongly against bullying. It really annoys me when people use "it's just the internet" as an excuse, because it's just trying to justify bullying.

MLP:FiM should have gay pony couples that are true love and NOT porn... if its kid friendly to have hetero couples like the cakes, it should be okay.

I am very anti-copyright. I do not make my own graphics or music for games, and I am not afraid to rip them. I try to credit as many people as possible, though. If I missed you please just ask me nicely. Requests for me to not use your art will only be honored if your reason is pure and well intentioned. Too many immature people, including immature adults, use copyright as an excuse to be selfish or just plain dopey.

I am also not going to form a team for making my games in order to get custom graphics, music, etc. I am not going to entrust my game to a random person on the internet whom I just met. And that's what I'd be doing if I made a post somewhere asking for team members. If you are my friend, chances are you will have a strong influence over my games anyway.

I believe that Game Making and programming is art, even if the graphics and stuff are ripped. In fact, editing something that wasn't originally yours is always art. You can do a good job at it and make it really different, if you try hard enough (example: my maze games are an edited version of Pea-Guy: Pagoon). Sure, some edits will be crappy. So are some original drawings. They're crappy art, but they're still art. Another good example is turning this into this.

I have 5 spirit friends: Nephilim, Melody, Sanaki, Satori, and Cure Ace. They talk to me and guide me... they are my best friends! Also my best friends are my dolls, all the pokemon on my nintendo DS games, and my two cats - Jessie and Aslan.

Everything in existence has a soul. Including People, animals, and inanimate objects. Things can't exist without a soul. All ideas exist, so the universe(s?) have infinity size.

I actually am a legendary warrior, a Pretty Cure! That's a secret though... or not, because I just told you! I am here to fix this AWFUL planet full of mean people... and yes, CURE the universe of its sicknesses! I stand for good intentions above all! As Nephilim says... As long as you have good intent, you can do whatever you want. As long as you have bad intent, you can't do anything. Currently that's just what I expect of people, but as the universe evolves, it will come to be the only thing physically possible!


Good immaturity: is a child at heart, is not afraid to act childish or silly in a harmless way

Bad immaturity: is ignorant or is a bully, doesn't think about and/or doesn't care how their actions hurt others

Good maturity: is thoughtful, thinks about what is right and wrong, and doesn't like to truly hurt others

Bad maturity: someone who loses their inner child

Sadly, too many people have both the bads at once however if you have both the goods at once I'm sure we can easily be friends! Just be warned, I'm not very trusting and my trust is hard to earn. But once its earned I will really truly love you!

My online identities:

Pookasnooks - deviantart

Groudon128 - Youtube

GothoritasRCute - Gamefaqs

dialgabrite or Dialga-Brite - just about everywhere else




I am a time lord with two hearts.



I am a warrior of friendship. But like any other warrior, I carry a sword in case things go wrong.



I've also got a dragon. but this is not just any dragon, he has the ability to make red and blue stop fighting. So look out, congress! The magic of friendship is gonna get to you!






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