Lovely Warriors of Friendship

I am a Lovely Warrior of Friendship, or what you might refer to as a real life Precure. You could also refer to me as a "Lovely Sword of Justice".
I make downloadable fan games for Windows. I am not afraid to break the mold, and want to show people that games can have combat in them but still be innocent at the same time.
My favorite series ever is Precure, and my favorite season of it is Happiness Charge!
My favorite cures are: Megumi/Cure Lovely, PhanPhan/Phantom/Cure Unlovely, Aguri/Cure Ace, Yukari/Cure Macaron, Hikaru/Cure Star, Hinata/Cure Sparkle, Mashiro/Cure Prism.
My Little Pony Gen1'er, Gen3-6 was my prime time playing Pokemon.
If download links on this site don't work when you click on them, do right-click + save link target as.

Healin Good Precure is an ableist, hatred spreading super weapon of psychological warfare. The damage is real.

Cure Ace is my forever girlfriend (open relationship). She's a very hot 20 year old adult!
The rules shown below apply to everything in life that you do. Not just playing of my games.
Rule breakers will be undiscorded!

^^ Please check this out! It will go a long way towards helping Precureism be its true self! If you like it, please spread the word about it too!❤️





Happy to support the awesome game, Letter Quest. Cure Unlovely really loves this screenshot.







I am a time lord with two hearts.




If you try to break my spirit of friendship, then I will bring all my aces out of the hole.



We'll make your heart go aflutter!


And paint a rainbow in it!


Everyone's happiness must be protected! Terribads and selfishes must be cured!


Hear the voice of love!



Doll Army Status

Tickled Pinks: 56

Moonglows: 6

Dress Up Rainbow Brites: 9

Meloettas: 11

Big Aces: 77 (40 FCF, 37 DX)

Small Aces: 30

Tiny Aces: 10

Big Megumies: 39 (24 FCF, 7 DX, 8 DX Lollipop)

Big Himes: 12 (6 FCF, 5 DX)

Big Hikarus: 47 (29 FCF, 18 FCF Super)

Big Cure Sparkles (fluffy): 16

Ichika Mikus: 5

Miku Whips: 2

Fates: 8

Other Mikus: 14

Heart Throbs: 20

Love Melodies: 5

Medlies: 10

So Soft Ribbons: 3

G3 Valentine Ponies with hearts all over them: 4








How Saturn got its Rings 

Version 1.1


Let's go Phantoms!